How To Play

  • To move the boat, the device is tilted in the direction the player wished it to go.

  • The net is cast deeper into the ocean by tilting the device down. Lexicon will help you identify the creatures living in the sea.

  • Lexicon

  • Mackerel are the small blue and red fish who swim in schools. They are the smallest and slowest of the fish and you get 1 point for every mackerel you catch.

  • Cod are the medium-sized green fish. They are faster than mackerel and swim alone. You get 5 points for every cod you catch.

  • The Mako shark is a great predator of the North Sea. He hunts alone, is lightning fast and super aggressive. For his capture, you'll gain 10 points.

  • Deep in the secret caverns of the North Sea resides the Water Dragon. He doesn't take well to feeling threatened and would destroy your net in seconds. Better to avoid him!

  • Energy levels must be monitored. Players need energy to continue and they need to fish to get energy! Energy is restored by catching fish; the bigger the fish, the great the energy.

  • Points are gained for the fish caught; the bigger the fish, the higher the points. Watch out! The Water Dragon could bite through the net and the game would be over.