About The Vikings

  • Story
  • Vikings
  • Dragons
  • Houses
  • Crops
  • Special
  • The Vikings went on this expedition to explore unknown seas and shores with their boat, the Drakar.

  • Suddenly they encountered trouble. Their boat was ship wrecked on an unknown island.

  • Fortunately they survived and started to settle down on what turns out to be a beautiful place, rich in natural wonders.

  • While exploring their new neighborhood they discover that they are not the only ones who have settled on the island. The whole clan will have to listen to experienced chief Redbeard and the wise Sigurd.

  • You will be introduced to many kinds of friendly dragons who add to this game a second layer and extra atmosphere.

  • Redbeard

    Redbeard is chief of the clan who has a lot of experience and the ability to lead the whole clan.

  • Sigurd

    Elder druid known as Sigurd always has good advice, for any situation.

  • Viking

    Clan is based on those hardworking Vikings who work on all of their jobs in the village.

  • Viking Woman

    Helps in the village and primarily works in the garden.

  • Dog Dragon

    Once Dog Dragon is discovered and placed in your village, it gives you daily presents.

  • Flying Dragon

    Train your dragon and place it in the village. A Flying Dragon gives you a chance to play the fun Flying minigame.

  • Small House

    Every single Viking needs a Small house to live in. Building this house takes 2 hours.

  • Tall House

    A tall house is built in only 1 hour. Building this house you can increase you Viking population.

  • Sawmill

    Once a sawmill is placed in the village you can play the Saw minigame and get a reward for it.

  • Dragon Trap

    A Dragon Trap allows you to catch and train dragons.

  • Beans


  • Carrot

    5 min

  • Barley

    1 hour

  • Potatoes

    24 hours

  • Onion

    12 hours

  • Turnip

    10 hours

  • Cabbage

    5 hours

  • Garlic

    8 hours

  • Blueberries

    3 hours

  • Horseradish

    30 min

  • Kohlrabi

    18 hours

  • Swede

    1 hour

  • Broccoli

    1 hour

  • Celery

    8 hours

  • Lingonberry

    1 hour

  • Mandragore

    50 min

  • Fountain

    Place this fountain in the village and Vikings will come to refresh themself.

  • Lake

    Place this lake in the village and Vikings will relax outdoors and enjoy nature.

  • Spring

    Vikings can get a fresh drinking water from the spring.

  • Well

    A well provides drinking water for the whole village.

  • Bush Dragon

    Decorate you village with this beautiful Dragon Bush.

  • Bush Rider

    Make you village pleasant by placing this Bush Rider in the village.